PCI Express 3.0 Link and Transaction Layer Test

Hardware Requirements:

This test procedure should be followed for Link and Transaction Layer testing of PCI Express 3.0 Add-In cards using the Teledyne LeCroy Summit T3-8 and Summit Z3-16 and Test Platform
Testing will be carried out at 8GT/s, 5GT/s and 2.5GT/s for cards capable of 8GT/s, 5GT/s and 2.5GT/s for cards capable of 5GT/s and at 2.5GT/s only for devices that support 2.5GT/s only.

Hardware Installation:

1. Summit Z3-16 Exerciser
2. Summit T3-8 or Summit T3-16 Analyzer
3. Test Platform
4. I-Pass Y cable
5. 2x USB cables
6. 1 Controller PC

Software Requirements :

The software required for running the Link and Transaction layer tests on the Teledyne LeCroy T3 and Z3 can be downloaded from the Teledyne LeCroy website:
The current version is version 7.20
The software package is compatible with Windows XP or Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 8.1

Software Installation:

The installation package name includes the build number of the software, please ensure to use the correct build per the guidelines from PCISIG. 
Double click on the installation package and follow the prompts to install the software.
Further information on installing the software can be found in the user manual located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\CATC\PETracer\Documents\PCIeSummitZ3-16UserManual.pdf
The testing is carried out using the Script Automation Test Tool which is installed when the main PETracer GUI is installed. 

Starting the Script Automation Test Tool:

The test cases are implemented in the Teledyne LeCroy Script Automation Test Tool. This is launched from the following location:
Start Menu -> All Programs -> LeCroy -> PETracer -> LeCroy PCI Express Script Automation Test Tool
Note: In Windows 8, select the Windows Icon in the lower left to access the list of progams
On running the software, the following window will appear. All testing is carried out using the GUI.
The tests are organized in groups, not all tests included are required for official compliance, some tests are included for information only. Tests in the “PCIe 3.0 Compliance Package tests” group are the tests that are required for PCI Express 3.0 official testing.
Tests for official PCI-SIG compliance are included in the group “PCIe 3.0 Compliance Package Tests”

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